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Brooklinian Wants to Upgrade Kosher Scene

Photo: Le Marais

Boston’s kosher food scene has never really been known for its ambition. Deliciousness, sure (we’re looking at you, Rami’s), but in terms of fine dining, the fanciest spot has likely been Shalom Hunan (rest in peace). Brookline’s Morris Naggar, however, hopes to change all that. He’s set to open Brookline Butcher, a gourmet glatt kosher spot, on Harvard Street, reports the Kosher Blog.

Brookline Butcher, located just steps away from the very similarly named The Butcherie, will offer high-end wines, gourmet goodies, exotic beers, and an old-fashioned butcher, but that’s not where Naggar’s ambitions end. He tells the Kosher Blog that his next goal is a high-end kosher steakhouse, a la New York’s Le Marais. Brookline Butcher is set to open by month’s end.

Update on Brookline Butcher [Kosher Blog]

Brooklinian Wants to Upgrade Kosher Scene