1 Oak Sued; Vanderbilt Is the Happening Street

• A group of cocktail waitresses are suing 1 Oak, alleging wage violations. [NYP]

• The “typical” American eater is a thing of the past. [NRN]

• The maker of Lay’s and Cheetos is developing a “designer salt” with crystals shaped in a way that will allow consumers to ingest less sodium. [WSJ]

• Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights is the hot new food and booze destination. [NYP]

• China is producing more high-end wines than ever, but clear labeling is still a major problem. [WSJ]

• An urban-planning professor hopes to open a farm beneath a pedestrian bridge in Windsor Terrace. [NYDN]

• After leaving a McDonald’s Happy Meal on a shelf for a full year, a Denver nutritionist was shocked to find that the food did not decompose. [NYP]

• The Department of Agriculture will soon begin spot-checking organic produce for illegal traces of pesticide. [NYT]

• An anonymous Midwestern public-school teacher is eating school lunch every day and blogging about it. [NYDN]

• In an effort to keep hungry animals out of shelters, animal rights organizations are setting up pet food banks. [NYT]

1 Oak Sued; Vanderbilt Is the Happening Street