Wine in Mason Jars?; Hooters Is for Sale

Heart is badass because they serve wine in Mason jars. [SFoodie]

Ame and Chez Panisse are both offering special black truffle tasting menus next week. [Tablehopper]

• A mid-week review of the hit brews thus far at beer week. [Chowhound]

• Dine-and-dash “gourmand” from Oakland nabbed in Marin. [MIJ via Eater]

• Hooters is up for sale. [NYP]

• More on former Fifth Floor chef Daniel Holzman’s Meatball Shop in NYC. [NYT]

• New research suggests that traditional aphrodisiacs like chocolate may not actually do much to stimulate arousal. [NYT]

• The Food Network Magazine is a success at newsstands, but behind the scenes, turnover has been high. [NYP]

• British supermarket chain Waitrose is now selling umami in a tube. [NYDN]

• Daniel Boulud and Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Vancouver outposts are already packed with Olympians and tourists. [Bloomberg]

• Recently Michelin-starred British chef Ryan Simpson quit his job after deciding that the menu he was being asked to prepare was “too poncey.” [Times]

Wine in Mason Jars?; Hooters Is for Sale