What to Eat at the Brindle Room, Opening Soon

Seared cod with chorizo cream.
Seared cod with chorizo cream. Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

At previous positions at Employees Only and Dogmatic Dogs, Jeremy Spector trafficked in cocktail cuisine and haute fast food. Now in new East Village digs he hopes to unveil next weekend, the chef-owner is focusing on sharable portions of eclectic comfort food — served, in some cases, in teacups inherited from the previous occupant, the neo-Korean Persimmon.

A spread selection includes potted shrimp, steak tartare, and taramosalata; small plates range from salt-roasted beets to braised oxtail; and transplanted Canadians and Texans alike can find flavors of home in dishes like duck-confit poutine and chicken-fried steak (which, says Spector, is also big in Oklahoma, where he grew up). Where there once was a single communal table, there’s now room for 35 at a banquette, a counter, and a newly built bar.

277 E. 10th St., nr. Ave. A; 212-529-9702
Brindle Room Menu [PDF]

What to Eat at the Brindle Room, Opening Soon