What to Eat at Laurel Tavern’s New Lunch

Laurel Tavern is starting lunch service in Studio City. The eats on offer are comfortable and clearly compliment the pub’s craft beers, with standouts like chorizo sliders among a host of burgers, Serrano ham with apples, smoked mussels, and burrata with beets. Nothing is over ten dollars and the sea salt fries are tossed in pork fat. Everyone together now: Mmmmmm, pork fat. Lunch is served from 12-2 P.M. and a full menu is below.

Lunch Menu

goat cheese salad - 8
serrano ham with apples - 8
burrata and beets - 10
grilled artichoke - 10
french fries - 5
peppered steak fries - 6
steamed mussels - 10
smoked salmon plate - 9

grilled cheese sandwich - 9
smoked turkey club - 10
chorizo sliders - 9
old school burger - 8
hickory burger - 9
bacon blue cheese burger - 10
laurel burger - 9

*add house fries to any dish - 3

What to Eat at Laurel Tavern’s New Lunch