What to Eat at Karyn’s On Green

The latest in the ever-growing Karyn’s empire, Karyn’s on Green (130 S. Green St., 312 226 6155) opened just recently in the West Loop with some fanfare. The menu, while unabashedly vegan, plays to the current touchpoints of the culinary scene: meat-, egg-, and dairy-free renditions of baked mac & cheese, roasted brussels sprouts, a chorizo slider, and an entree of crispy chicken legs with sweet potato hash, Swiss chard, and Kentucky bourbon barbecue sauce that wouldn’t look out of place on the menu at any number of meat-happy restaurants.

If you need some coersion, there’s an extensive cocktail list divided by century: go from a 19th century Sazerac to a 20th century Income Tax (Death’s Door Gin, Punt e Mes, Noilly Pratt Dry, blood orange, and Angostura bitters), and enter the 21st with the Chicago River Run, a concoction of Beefeater, Aperol, St. Germain, fresh lime, orange bitters, and flamed orange. Read on for the full menu of faux-carnivorous comfort food.


Grilled Leek Potato (GF)

Fingerling potatoes, charred leeks 6

White Bean & Escarole
Italian sausage, braised escarole, white beans 6

Butternut Squash (GF)
Squash, coconut, guajillo puree fried chickpeas 6

Raw Soup (R) (GF)
Your Server will describe today’s selection 8

Crispy Mixed Basket
Tempura cauliflower, mushrooms, steak fries, avocado 9

Baked Mac & Cheese
Elbow noodles, vegan cheese, roasted garlic 8

Steak Fries
Fresh herbs, sea salt 6

Compound butter, remoulade 4

Roasted Brussel Sprouts (GF)
Whole grain mustard
vinaigrette 6

Enzymes (R)
A “shot” of digestive dietary supplement 2

Small Plates
Scallops (GF) corn chowder, corn succotash 7

Chorizo Slider bacon, frisee, vegan cheese, chipotle aioli, tomato-pepper jam 8

Hummus & Olives (R) (GF) marinated olives, raw cracker, olive oil, herb relish 7

Crab Cakes sautéed spinach, mustard sauce 8

Maki Roll (GF) candied beet, avocado, cucumber, jalapeño, carrot, white rice, nori 6

Raw Maki Roll (R) red pepper nut pate’, sprouts, sunflower seed, nori 8

Pad Thai buckwheat noodles, baby bok choy, snap peas, peanut coconut sauce 9

Eggplant Cannelloni (GF) ratatouille, rosemary cream, charred eggplant puree, olive oil 9

Heirloom Beets (GF) caramelized orange, apple, thyme 6

Wild Mushroom Risotto (GF) smoked foraged mushrooms, crisp leeks 9

Arugula (R) (GF) pomegranate seeds, blood orange segments, shaved fennel,
blood orange vinaigrette 7

Caesar romaine hearts, rice cheese, olive powder, Caesar dressing, herb croutons 8

Heirloom Tomato (R) (GF) 30 year balsamic, basil sorbet 9

Jerry’s Pizza marinara, wild mushrooms, vegan cheese, flour tortillas 10

Arugula Pizza Yukon Gold potatoes, caramelized onion, arugula, vegan cheese, olive oil,
flour tortillas 10

Large Plates
Crispy Chicken Legs sweet potato hash, Swiss chard, Kentucky Bourbon barbecue sauce 14

Linguini Fra Diavolo spicy tomato sauce, crab meat, whole wheat noodles 14

Poached Salmon broccoli rabe, white wine lemon sauce 15

BBQ Bacon Meatloaf roasted fingerlings, escarole, Kansas City barbecue sauce 14

Penne Marinara whole wheat noodles, San Marzano tomato sauce 12

Raw Pasta (R) (GF) zucchini & yellow squash noodles, garlic, spinach, cashew basil pesto 11

Shepherd’s Pie braised vegetables, seitan ragout, horseradish potato puree, parsley sauce 13

Wood Grilled Portobello Steak (GF) potato puree, garlic spinach, burnt onions,
white balsamic red wine sauce 12

Poached Haddock roasted fingerling potatoes, pickled carrot puree 14

Carrot Cake
Carrot biscotti, ginger-carrot puree, carrot jellies, golden raisin sorbet 9

Chocolate Terrine
Compressed pear, salted cashew mousse, raspberry sorbet, cocoa nibs 9

Banana’s Foster (GF)
Dark rum, vanilla bean ice cream, caramelized bananas, coconut tuile, citrus dust 9

Ice Cream Cookies (R)
Oatmeal, Peanut Butter and Coconut 9

Vanilla coffee mousse, coffee cake crouton, cappuccino ice cream 9

Coconut Cake
Cherry coconut lime sauce, citrus zest, coconut ice cream 9

–19th Century–

Rittenhouse Rye, Peychaud’s, demerara, absinthe rinse
New Orleans in a glass 9

Classic Martini
Plymouth Gin, Noilly Pratt Dry, orange bitters, pimento nut cheese olives
Always fashionable 11

Old Fashioned
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, demerara, Fee’s Whisky Barrel Bitters
The original “cocktail” 8

Corpse Revivor #2
Beefeater Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, fresh lemon, Sirene Absinthe
Four taken in swift succession will unrevive the corpse again 9

–20th Century–
Income Tax Cocktail
Death’s Door Gin, Punt e Mes, Noilly Pratt Dry, blood orange, Angostura
A good deal more pleasant than its namesake 10

Hennessy VS Cognac, Cointreau, fresh lemon, sugar rim
Arguably England’s greatest social contribution 10

The Southside
North Shore Gin #6, fresh lime, mint, grapefruit bitters
From Prohibition comes a
Chicago Classic 9

Original Daiquiri
Flor de Cana 4-Year rum, fresh lime, Luxardo Maraschino, house made grenadine
Hemmingway’s preferred tipple 9

Bloody Mary
Square One Cucumber Flavored Organic Vodka, house Bloody Mary mix, Bitter Truth Celery Bitters
Red Snapper with bite 10

Jack Rose
Laird’s Bonded Applejack, house made grenadine, fresh lime
Jersey ambrosia 8

Green Mojito
10 Cane Rum, fresh lime, ginger syrup, mint, anise hyssop, spirulina, soda
Traditional favorite charged with spirulina 9

–21st Century–
Chicago River Run
Beefeater, Aperol, St. Germain, fresh lime, orange bitters, flamed orange
Summer dreaming 10

Tonics & Elixirs
El Gallo Bravo
Pineapple syrup, fresh lime, cilantro, jalapeno, club soda 6

Chairman’s Cobbler
Green tea, pomegranate juice, ginger syrup, muddled lemon, goji berries, fresh raspberries 6

Aloe-Kombucha Cooler
Acai juice, aloe vera, fresh lemon, agave nectar, fresh basil, hibiscus Kombucha 6

“Clip On”
Coconut water, fresh lime, almond-spice syrup, flamed orange 6

What to Eat at Karyn’s On Green