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What to Eat at Chris Hora’s New SiLa Brunch

Hora's baby octopus
Hora’s baby octopus Photo: SiLa Bistro

Yesterday we learned Chris Hora has started a gradual take-over/possible partnership at Silver Lake’s SiLa Bistro amid some commenter-driven controversy. Hora is still tinkering with upcoming menu ideas and names for his Slavic-influenced showcase (“Hora” is Czech btw), but is currently serving the dinner menu we previewed and a new brunch that goes heavy on straight-forward local comfort and globetrotting touches. Breakfast is served along the lines of huevos rancheros a la divorciados, caramel apple and goat cheese fondue omelet confiture, cinnamon sour dough French toast, and a chimichurri petite filet with eggs and two-potato hash. Hora’s also smoking his own duck for a club sandwich with double-cured bacon and cherry relish on rye and has a $12 burger with avocado, bacon preserves, and blue cheese aioli. Check out Hora’s full brunch menu below while we await the next name to, hopefully, grace this place.

Chris Hora’s New Brunch menu at SiLa Bistro

Wild mushroom fricassee and quesso fresca omelet

Omelet Confiture
Carmel apples, goat cheese fondue

Huevos Rancheros a la divorciados
Two eggs sunny side, black bean sautee , salsa verde and smoked tomato guajillo salsa, crispy tortilla

Tofu scramble
Grilled seasonal vegetables, house made curry

Salmon and Root Vegetable Hash
parsnip, sweet potato, celery root and leek

Poached eggs, English muffin, roasted tomato, sauteed spinach, avocado and sauce cherone

Club Sammy
House smoked duck breast, Double cured bacon, Cherry relish and rye

petite fillet and eggs
Chimichurri and two potato hash

Cobb Salad
chicken, Hard boiled eggs, Mine shaft blue cheese, Double cured bacon and black pepper ranch

Sourdough French Toast
Cinnamon honey butter

ground beef, avocado, tomato, shallot bacon preserves and blue cheese aioli

Daily desserts

What to Eat at Chris Hora’s New SiLa Brunch