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Iso Rabins Leaps Out of The Wild Kitchen and Into BreadBar

Heavy Nettle Chef, Iso Rabin
Heavy Nettle Chef, Iso Rabin Photo: BreadBar

Foraging is apparently the new black, as we caught the opening of a restaurant named Forage in Silver Lake just yesterday and then today BreadBar drops the “Forage” menu on us to announce its next Hatchi Series dinner. This forager came first though, as featured chef Iso Rabins is the founder of the community-based forageSF program and roving underground restaurant The Wild Kitchen, which hops around The Bay bringing ingredients he’s scooped up from Mother’s Nature’s nooks and crannies.

BreadBar says Rabins will be strapped with wild radishes and nettles (huge with his demo), sea beans for a tempura, acorns, and black walnuts among his accessories. The menu isn’t stocked with the light-weight NorCal fare we like to imagine everyone chewing on up there like the green mutant rabbits they are. Rich and sustainable recipes like a wild boar osso buco with wild radish green risotto and wild caught tuna tartar with poblanos reveal why northern folk slap our efforts at sustainability around every now and again. The menu is below and reservations are available on OpenTable.

Forage at BreadBar
With chef Iso Rabins
February 25th, 2010, 6-10pm
All Dishes $8

Wild Boar Osso Buco with Porcini and Wild Radish Green Risotto

Wild Caught Tuna Tar Tar with Tempura Fried Sea Beans and Poblano Peppers

Salad Of Radicchio and Foraged Minors Lettuce With Wild Radish Flowers in a Wild Fennel Vinegrette

Wild Nettle Soup with Crème Fraiche

Acorn Bread “Presents” with Warm Honey Infused Milk

Ricotta Gnocchi with Wild Fennel Pesto

Acorn Ice Cream with Chili Infused Chocolate and Foraged Black Walnuts

Black Walnut Financier with Foraged Fuyu Persimmon with Thyme Cream

Iso Rabins Leaps Out of The Wild Kitchen and Into BreadBar