What to Eat and Sell at Forage, Open in Silver Lake

Forage Photo: Forage

Silver Lake has a brand new restaurant depending on its guests to supply the ingredients. Called Forage, the Sunset Blvd. storefront asks for everyone’s urban harvest and will even buy your backyard citrus or garden veggies to supplement the ingredients they buy from local farms and ranches. Forage’s menu of daily specialties is thick with the names of more established suppliers like Niman Ranch and Rancho Gordo, as well as market farmers like Jerry Rutiz. Dishes naturally depend on what’s been foraged and sound like the result of an amble through the forest with a basket by your side.

There is a surplus of recipes for vegetarians, while meat dishes, like Akasha’s, are less cruel and less chemical. That doesn’t mean they are less indulgent, with rustic, ingredient-studded plates that show a variety of influences. Today’s menu, which can be seen online, features a pork belly baguette with Mexican Pationa (a veggie option has avocado), chimichurri-rubbed flank steak, and braised pork ragu lasagna with nettles for example. There are also house-baked pastries and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Quality and compassion are rolled into one at Forage, and inviting the neighborhood to join in is a promising move for both the urban gardening and local foods movements. To see what produce the restaurant is calling for from home gardens now or to see what they have enough of, visit Forage’s website.

3823 W. Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake. 323-663-6885.

What to Eat and Sell at Forage, Open in Silver Lake