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Vintage Twitter at Kanella

Deep Thoughts at Kanella
Deep Thoughts at Kanella Photo: Kirsten Henri

The madly twittering chefs phenomenon hasn’t hit Philly in the same way it has exploded in New York and L.A., as detailed in today’s New York Times. Philly chefs like to kick it old school, using pen, paper and a kitchen window that faces the street to express themselves. We spotted this hand-written manifesto - one of many - a few days ago in the window of chef-owner Konstantinos Pitsillides’ Greek-Cypriot restaurant Kanella and it made us laugh. And made us think! It’s just one of many posted in the restaurant’s window, including an epic screed on Yelping that the technological limitations of our cameraphone sadly didn’t allow us to capture; we recommend you stop and read them if you’re in the Wash West neighborhood. Honestly, the only way we could love these poetic musings on the industry more is if they were chipped into stone tablets with a chisel. Click through for a larger photo and the full text, which begins with “This profession is full of very insecure people backstabbing each other…”

“This profession is full of very insecure people backstabbing each other. Rather than spending their time bitching, they should be channelling their energies into creating things - that’s the only way you get recognition and cred in this world.
Anyone who falls [fails?] out of school…. ends up into catering.”

If You Can’t Take the Heat, Don’t Read the Twitter

Vintage Twitter at Kanella