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The ‘Worst ‘Best Boston’ Bar"; House of Chang an ‘Utter Blessing’

Photo: Locke-Ober

Locke-Ober is “probably the worst Best Boston bar. I am conflicted about the place. I love going there, often on my own, ordering a Martini and a bowl of JFK Lobster Stew, and feeling like a part of Boston history. But whenever I go, I think about how much better it could be.” [drinkboston]

• On “an otherwise cold and disappointing night,” dinner from House of Chang was “an utter blessing.” [BellyGlad]

• “The Ginger Exchange is a breath of fresh air in Inman Square.” [Beantown Bite]

• At Chef Chang’s House, “there were so many customers in the last few days that they ran out of Peking duck, the house specialty.” [Running a Hospital]

• Don’t miss Le Patissier’s Marcona almond and chocolate bread pudding: “The almonds added a crunchy texture as well as a touch of saltiness, which is also a good pairing with chocolate.” [The Passionate Foodie]

The ‘Worst ‘Best Boston’ Bar"; House of Chang an ‘Utter Blessing’