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Mayor Menino Isn’t on Team Shake Shack

New York's original Shake Shack
New York’s original Shake Shack Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Boston could be one step closer to a Shake Shack now that Mayor Menino has proposed legislation to allow fifteen year leases at the Pink Palace on the Common and the Duck House in the Fens, a move that the Parks Department hopes will encourage potential tenants to invest in the spaces. But don’t get too excited for the Shack yet. “Pink Palace and Duck House are unique locations that a local chef or entrepreneur could potentially improve for the enjoyment of thousands of park visitors annually,” says Menino in his press release on the new legislation. Local chef or entrepreneur? Sounds like the Mayor is on Team No Shack.

With Menino’s Backing, Park Makeovers on Tap [Official Site]

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Mayor Menino Isn’t on Team Shake Shack