The Other Critics

Two Takes on Sampan; ‘Singularly Awesome’ Sandwiches at Paesano’s

• Departing critic David Snyder files his swan song from Sampan, saying chef-owner Michael Schulson’s “take on shareable Asian plates is no joke.” [City Paper]

• Joy Manning, on the other hand, isn’t impressed with Sampan, whose “hit-or-miss menu weaves strands of dull mediocrity with highlights of Chang-flavored inspiration.” [Philly Mag]

• Rick Nichols stops by the new Paesano’s and finds the South Philly sandwich situation isn’t so dire after all. [Inquirer]

• Phyllis finally makes it over to Morimoto and says the sushi is “finest I’ve ever had in the city. “[South Philly Review]

• Collin Flatt also makes a pitstop - separately - at Morimoto on his ramen quest. [Phoodie]

• Joy Manning finds “soulful” Portuguese fare at NoLibs’ Koo Zee Doo. [Philly Mag]

• Rick Nichols goes crazy for cassoulet, at home and at Bistrot La MInette. [Inquirer]

• Lari Robling finds “missteps in the kitchen” detract from the admirable mission at Sweetie’s Pie Diner. [Daily News]

Two Takes on Sampan; ‘Singularly Awesome’ Sandwiches at