The Other Critics

Lonely Nights at Lafayette; LaBan Laments MidAtlantic

• At Lafayette Bistro, Trey Popp finds empty tables and a menu of well-prepared, if unadventurous fare, reminding him that “tried-and-true formulas are, well, tried and true.” [City Paper]

• Craig LaBan praises the Pennsylvania-centric concept at MidAtlantic, but is disappointed with the execution. [Inquirer]

• Adam Erace enjoys a beery breakfast at brew emporium Hawthornes. [Philadelphia Weekly]

• The Penn Kidz opine on a multitude of restaurants in the 34th Street spring dining guide. [34th Street Magazine]

• Rick Nichols returns from a hiatus and checks in with meatball maker Sal Vetri, father of Marc, at Amis, talks bacon - and baconnaise - with the boys at DiBruno Bros and sings the praises of oyster scrapple at Oyster House. [Inquirer]

• Art Etchells investigates the best bread baskets around town. [Metro]

• Phyllis Stein-Novack checks out the revamped Ho Sai Gai and is neither offended nor excited. [South Philly Review]

Lonely Nights at Lafayette; LaBan Laments MidAtlantic