The Alinea Bar is Not Called ‘Boom’

Photo: Alinea; Photo Illustration: Helen Rosner

Today, the UK Independent reports that Grant Achatz “has announced his latest venture is a new bar, Boom,” referring to the news that the Alinea chef is enamored with the molecular possibilities of cocktails. Except for the simple fact that, for the time being, there is no bar. And even if there were one, it most certainly isn’t called “Boom.” The whole misunderstanding is easily traced:

1. It all began with the Wall Street Journal article, where Achatz indulged in the hypothetical of opening a molecular mixology lounge (the article says he is “envisioning” a bar).

2. Eater National picked up the story, running the hypothetical as a sure thing (despite our fact-check debunkery), as follows: “However, the most intriguing parts of the article are the details of Grant Achatz’s new project: a bar. Boom.” (Emphasis theirs.)

3. Missing that “Boom” was used rhetorically (Eater likes its “boom,” having deployed it on other occasions), other blogs, including Slashfood, report “Boom” as the bar’s name.

4. Based on these sources, the Independent solidifies it in print, dropping the fake bar’s name four times in the 159-word article: “[Achatz’s] latest venture is a new bar, Boom.” “Achatz told the Wall Street Journal, Boom is ‘opening up new possibilities.’” “That is exactly what Achatz has planned for Boom.” “Boom will be the first molecular bar in the world.”

In conclusion: There is no such thing as Boom. If there is an Alinea bar in the works, it’s far in the distance, and it’s going to have a way better name. As Alinea managing partner Nick Kokonas told us via email: “For the record, we will never, ever open a place called ‘Boom.’”

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The Alinea Bar is Not Called ‘Boom’