Susur Lee Busted for Corn Starch; Meat Moby’s New Book

• Susur Lee was once hassled by immigration on a trip from Canada to compete on Iron Chef America because of “suspicious ingredients” (read: corn starch) in his luggage. [NYT]

• Scott Conant’s wife gave birth to the couple’s baby just a few days after the opening of his new restaurant, Faustina. [Eater NY]
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• In an effort to solve budgetary woes, some states are looking to privatize liquor stores. [WSJ]

• Moby co-edited a new book called Gristle, From Factory Farms to Food Safety. [Voracious/Seattle Weekly]

• Pink Elephant will reopen in the former Room Service space on 21st Street. [Eater NY]

• People who drink two or more sodas a day have an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, according to a new study from the University of Michigan. [NYP]

• New burrito spot Oaxaca abruptly ended their free burrito promotion after customers registered for and printed out multiple coupons. [nycdailydeals/Twitter via Eater NY]

• Canadian McDonald’s added new menu items for the Olympics, including a s’mores pie and a chicken Parmesan wrap. [CityPages]

Susur Lee Busted for Corn Starch; Meat Moby’s New Book