Smoking Patios Are Under Threat in New Proposed SF Law

Photo: Courtesy Anna Conda

As we speak, a Board of Supervisors’ committee is meeting to discuss a new, broader ban on smoking in public places, which would include patios attached to bars and restaurants, and sidewalk spaces within fifteen feet of bar/restaurant entrances. Expected to speak in favor of the ban, as SF Appeal reports, are the Tobacco Free Coalition, the Chinese Progressive Association, and members of the LGBT community. One vocal opponent of the measure is drag queen candidate for District 6 Supervisor, Anna Conda (a.k.a. Glendon Hyde), who in one recent call to protest cried, “Stop the whitewashing of the city!”

Conda/Hyde points out that the measure will only force more smokers onto the sidewalks, and the city has been known to issue citations to venues whose entrances get clogged up with smokers. The proposed measure would greatly impact popular bars with street-side smokers’ patios like Rye and Q Bar; hookah venues like Sens; and the ever-popular sunny-day destination, the roof at Medjool.

More on this divisive measure if it ever makes it out of committee.

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Smoking Patios Are Under Threat in New Proposed SF Law