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Seed Pushes Better Living Through Blogging

Chef Eric wants to heal your pain
Chef Eric wants to heal your pain Photo: Seed

Seed chef Eric Lechasseur and his wife, Sanae Suzuki, are coming out from the kitchen to try and solve your eating dilemmas and stumbling blocks on the road of life. While we keep searching for their Earl-esque list of sins to make up for, you can indulge in the chef’s entirely free blog-centered program that offers to improve diets, goal-setting, and lifestyle choices for the better, with “no preaching,” or so he promises.

Suzuki, a holistic/macrobiotic counselor, will team up with Eric every other week for complimentary cooking demos, classes, and life seminars, most of which will be held at Seed’s communal table. Classes will include cooking-friendly themes like cooking with leftovers and making smart fast-food substitutions, as well as big picture topics like how to reach your goals and dreams, and probably how to stop reaching for the salt.

Concurrent with Seed’s new school of better living is a 60-day blog with daily messages of inspiration, occasional cooking tips, product recommendations, and meditations on how to achieve balance in life. Once that’s run its course (it’s in Day Eight: Body Scrub Daily), Seed will host parties for followers to gather and discuss what worked and what goals remain in dieting and living.

Okay okay, if you don’t want to do it for your health, do it for the prizes. Every week the duo are giving away goods like a dinner for two, signed copies of their cookbook, free classes, and counseling sessions. Also, one name will be drawn each week to be hosted at Seed’s one-year birthday party, where a host of chefs will and entertainers will gather to tickle your ribs. The blog appears on Seed’s website and Facebook.

Seed Pushes Better Living Through Blogging