River Café’s Song and Dance; Domino’s Wins Taste Test

• The River Café is seeking a cabaret license for live music and dancing. [NYP]

• Like the Spotted Pig’s Annie Myers, Print has an in-house forager, Johanna Kolodny. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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• Domino’s new recipe emerged victorious from an independent national taste test pitting its pizza against Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. [NRN]

• A Queens man pleaded guilty to the 2008 murder of a woman at Spotlight Live after Lil Kim’s birthday party. [NYP]

• Anheuser-Busch’s new Select 55 is, with 55 calories, the lightest of all light beers. [Chicago Sun-Times]

• Find high-end pork rinds at restaurants across the country. [NYT]

• Also scan menus for Sichuan buttons — the super-spicy flower buds are gaining popularity. [Salon]

• Despite rumors to the contrary, Southside owner Anthony Martignetti says the club is not closing. [NYP]

• Vegetables are the No. 1 food consumed in homes during the Super Bowl. [NYDN]

• Even “prewashed” salads are full of bacteria, according to a new study. [Consumer Reports]

Petrossian now makes pressed caviar, a relatively inexpensive paste that hasn’t been imported to the United States in twenty years. [NYT]

• Kosher and halal meats are likely not cleaner, healthier, or better for the environment than their secular brethren. [Slate]

• Japanese whiskey distillers are looking to beef up their presence internationally. [WSJ]

• The number of Americans receiving weekly food assistance is up 27 percent over the last four years, to 5.7 million people. [NYT]

River Café’s Song and Dance; Domino’s Wins Taste Test