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Rick Bayless Confirms Red Onion Role

Bayless' menus will be here, even when the chef will not
Bayless’ menus will be here, even when the chef will not Photo: Rick Bayless

Further details on Rick Bayless’ role at a planned Los Angeles chain, Red Onion, have emerged, confirming his collaboration with the restaurant venture capitalists behind Ma’Kai. Dashing our worst fears, Squid Ink reports that we will indeed have a menu created and combed over by the celeb chef. However, confirming our suspicions, Bayless won’t be in the kitchen and does not own the joint, but is merely a consultant lending expertise and a marketable name. His reps clarify that he doesn’t “have anything to do with the concept, just the food.”

It appears the Ricker isn’t even very eager to escape Chi-Town’s vicious winds either, as he’s flying the chef and sous chef out to his Frontera Grill for a three-week training. You can catch him at Red Onion’s March opening. It’s also promised that he’ll check in for “tastings” at Red Onion, which plans a follow-up location this summer. Checking in from time-to-time might be Bayless’ best idea here if the Top Chef Master is hoping to do more than just cash in on the next Qdoba or Baja Fresh.

Rick Bayless Report: Calm Down, It’s Just a Consulting Gig [Squid Ink]

Rick Bayless Confirms Red Onion Role