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PW Makes Its Annual ‘Best Of’ Issue Even Bestier

Where do you go when you’ve already done a “Best of” issue? PW has the answer and it involves a comparative and a superlative: a “Better Than Best” issue! With even more best than before! Of course, there are Better Than Best food and drinks sections. Who got the best besty bestest in those categories? The awards are pretty idiosyncratic - Best BYOB Venue With A Caged Rat, anyone? - and quite insider-y. Onanistic, even!

Even PW’s own food critic Adam Erace gets a nod for “Twitter That Makes Us Hungriest:”

Pimping the Erace brothers’ cute-as-can-be Passyunk Avenue specialty grocery Green Aisle could be considered a conflict of interest, since Adam Erace reviews restaurants for PW . However, when something is this good, you want to shout it from the rooftops. (Or just put it on your best-of list.) Find out about specials, drink nights and what’s in stock by following the Eraces at If you’re anything like us, you’ll have to physically restrain yourself from jumping on the Broad Street Line when you read “only two tubs of Zahav hummus left” or “Ekta re-up is here.”

However, Spinal Tapas, which is made up of PW’s other food writers, didn’t make the cut. Maybe they’ll make it into an upcoming Best of the Better Than Best issue?

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PW Makes Its Annual ‘Best Of’ Issue Even Bestier