Chef Shuffle

P.J. Clarke’s Hires Larry Forgione for Menu Makeover

Photo: Patrick McMullan

New American pioneer Larry Forgione hasn’t been seen on the Manhattan circuit since a brief consulting gig at Monkey Bar, but today we get word that he’s been appointed full-time culinary director at the Clarke’s Group, which oversees the three New York locations of P.J. Clarke’s, as well as upcoming locations in Washington, D.C., and Vegas (the group is also eyeing offshoots in Boston, Denver, and Baltimore). First question first: Has the burger changed?

Well, yes and no. Owner Phil Scotti had already started using Robert Meyer’s all-natural Angus beef for the burger, but now Forgione has switched to a Pandoro Bakery bun, and you can select from a variety of farmstead cheeses, starting with mozzarella from 60-year-old Hudson Valley dairy Tonjes. Elsewhere on the menu, there’s organic “ocean-raised” salmon from Maine, free-range poultry from K and K (an offshoot of the upstate farm he founded with Paul Keyser while at the River Café), and shellfish from Westport Aquaculture.

“We want to know where every ingredients comes from,” Forgione tells us. “The best way to know the safety of your food is to know where it comes from, from the ground up.” To that end, the company just acquired a farm in Millbrook, New York, that will soon churn out onions, carrots, celery, lettuce, and the like for at least the New York restaurants, and eventually for the Shake Shack–style burger stands Forgione will help create.

Check out the new menu.

Today’s Selection of East & West Coast Oysters
Littleneck & Cherrystone Clams, hand harvested from Long Island Sound, ½ dozen M/P
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 18.45
Chilled 1 lb. Maine Lobster, fresh herb dressing 18.10
Raw Sampler Platter: 4 oysters, 4 jumbo shrimp, 3 littlenecks, 3 cherrystones 34.00
Shellfish Extravaganza: 6 oysters, 5 jumbo shrimp, 6 littlenecks, 6 cherrystones, & 1 lb. lobster 76.00
P.J.’s Roast BBQ Bluepoint Oysters, half dozen 16.65


French Onion 7.20
Creamy Tomato with Farmstead Cheddar Toast 6.90
New England Clam Chowder 8.15
Hand-Cut Meyer Ranch Chili - Fully Loaded 8.05

Homemade Potato Chips & Baked Blue Cheese Dip 6.45
Grilled Asparagus, wrapped in bacon, chopped egg vinaigrette 9.85
Crisp Parmesan Tater Tots, roast red pepper aioli 6.85
Crisp Point Judith Calamari, tartar sauce or spicy RI style 11.85
‘Hand Picked’ Jumbo Lump Crab Cake 16.85
Third Avenue Chopped Vegetable Salad 8.90
Charred Tomato, Mozzarella & Red Onion, estate olive oil 9.70
Baby Iceberg Wedge, bacon, tomato & blue cheese 9.35
Classic Caesar 9.90
Mixed Baby Greens 6.80

Grilled Free Range Chicken Caesar 17.70
Classic Cobb, free range Hudson Valley chicken 18.30
Third Avenue Jumbo Shrimp Chopped Salad 19.10
Fried Chicken & Ozark Ham, buttermilk ranch dressing 18.60

all sandwiches served with cole slaw & pickle
Corned Beef Reuben, homemade sauerkraut & swiss 14.20
Roast Free Range Turkey Club, smoked bacon 15.50
‘Hand Picked’ Jumbo lump Crab Cake, tartar sauce 16.85
Pot Roasted Short Rib, mozzarella, caramelized onions 16.40
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp BLT, avocado relish 18.80
Buffalo Chicken Breast, blue cheese dressing 15.85

Benedict with Ozark Country Ham 15.80
Spinach & Coach Farms Goat Cheese Omelet 13.15
Corned Beef Bubble & Squeak, poached egg, hollandaise 15.40

Steamed Blue Hill Maine Mussels & Fries 16.35
Cedar Planked Organic Salmon, parsley sauce, wilted kale 19.85
Roast Casco Bay Cod, white beans, clams & tomatoes 19.65
Old Fashioned Lobster Pie 26.45
Fish & Chips, bass ale rémoulade 19.85

Free Range Chicken Pot Pie 17.80
Grilled Chicken Paillard, arugula & parmesan salad 19.60
P.J.’s Shepherd’s Pie 17.35
Baked Macaroni & Cheese with bacon 15.85

served with matchstick fries & our homemade steak sauce

Dry Aged Skirt Steak, 10oz. 27.70
Filet Mignon, 10oz. 38.50
Dry Aged New York Sirloin, 14oz. 38.50
Béarnaise: Taragon sauce
Classique: maître d’hôtel butter
Au Poivre: brandy peppercorn sauce
Roquefort: blue cheese sauce
Bordelaise: red wine sauce

Chopped Sirloin Steak, mushroom gravy & mashed 16.20
Prime Dry Aged ‘Steak Frites’ 26.25
Park Avenue Steak Tartare 21.80

Spinach: creamed, steamed or sautéed with garlic 6.45
Grilled Asparagus 8.15
Caramelized Cipolinni Onions 5.45
Sautéed Mushrooms 5.65
Onion Strings 6.35
Local Carola Potato Home Fries 5.35
Sweet Potato Fries 6.60
Shoestring Fries 5.20 with gravy 5.70
Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes 4.90 with gravy 5.40
Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts 6.45

prepared exclusively with freshly ground Meyer Ranch red angus beef
Simply on a Bun, onion & pickle 9.15
Smothered Onions 1.20 Chili 1.05 Sautéed Mushrooms 1.30 Hickory Smoked Country Bacon 1.30
Crowley “Uniquely American” 1.05
Fiscalini Cheddar 1.05 Roth Baby Swiss 1.05 Hudson Valley Blue 1.35 Tonges Family Dairy Mozzarella 1.25

Mini Cheeseburgers & Fries 14.65
The Cadillac, hickory smoked bacon & Crowley “Uniquely American” cheese 11.35
Organic Turkey Burger 9.80

New York State Apple Cobbler 8.40
Double Fudge-Walnut Brownie à la Mode 8.70
Chocolate Chip “Soufflé” 8.60
Hudson Valley Sweet Cream Cheesecake 8.75
Jim Beard’s Wild Blueberry Shortcake 8.65
Hudson Valley Sweet Cream Ice Creams 6.15 à la Mode 2.25
P.J. Clarke’s Hires Larry Forgione for Menu Makeover