Phillipe’s Patriarch Dies; New Vodka Claims Health Benefits

• Bill Binder, the 94-year old patriarch of French dip institution Phillipe’s, died late last month. [Hidden Los Angeles]

• Daniel Boulud and Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Vancouver outposts are already packed with Olympians and tourists. [Bloomberg]

• The Food Network Magazine is a success at newsstands, but behind the scenes, turnover has been high. [NYP]

• The creator of B-Vitamin-infused Lotus Vodka claims his product reduces hangovers. [CBS3]

• Hooters is up for sale. [NYP]

• A University of Florida study showed that people drinking caffeine in addition to or after alcohol appeared more intoxicated. [Straits Times]

• New research suggests that traditional aphrodisiacs like chocolate may not actually do much to stimulate arousal. [NYT]

• In an effort to boost coca production, Bolivia is hoping to launch a coca-based cola to rival Coke called Coca Colla. [AFP/Google News]

• A San Clemente food-flavoring company is drawing frequent complaints for the bad smells coming from its production of butterscotch and vanilla aromas. [O.C. Register]

• McDonald’s sales rose a record 2.6 percent in the last quarter, largely on the strength of overseas locations. [WSJ]

• Pepsi and Coke were among the first businesses to positively respond to the Michelle Obama-backed initiative to move calorie labeling to the front of packages. [WSJ]

• British supermarket chain Waitrose is now selling umami in a tube. [NYDN]

• Recently Michelin-starred British chef Ryan Simpson quit his job after deciding that the menu he was being asked to prepare was “too poncey.” [Times]

Phillipe’s Patriarch Dies; New Vodka Claims Health Benefits