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Papalote’s Escobedo Brothers Beat Flay in Burrito Battle

Miguel and Bobby
Miguel and Bobby Photo: Papalote

Bobby Flay threw down with Victor and Miguel Escobedo at Papalote on last night’s episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay, and SF’s star burrito boys came out victorious. Flay called their Mexi-pino burritos “the best in the country,” but to compete Bobby threw together a lameass “all-green burrito” with chile verde, green rice, guacamole, white beans, and a green apple vinaigrette. Needless to say, the Escobedos’ Triple Threat burrito (shrimp, chicken, carne asada) wowed the assembled crowd more, and Flay, sounding like he knew he was throwing this fight, said he should have known not “to do some newfangled burrito when you’re in the Mission District of San Francisco.” True dat.

In related news, SFoodie reports that Papalote is now offering their adobo chicken burrito (now named the Poleng Burrito, in honor of their recently shuttered neighbor, the Filipino-inspired Poleng Lounge) every day instead of just as a special, following some recent coverage it received on the Filipino channel Balitang America. Watch said coverage below.

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Papalote’s Escobedo Brothers Beat Flay in Burrito Battle