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NIMBYs Cry Foul Over Crowds at Ike’s; the NYT Tackles SF’s Street Food Scene

Photo: Lost In Translation/Flickr

• As part of their expanding (though sometimes a little slow-on-the-uptake) coverage of the Bay Area, the Times visits Ike’s Place today and wonders what all the fuss is about — both from the standpoint of those waiting two hours for their well-sauced sandwiches, and those who live nearby who are making some NIMBY noise over the constant lines. To both parties, we say settle down. The sandwiches are good, but if you’re waiting two hours you are seeking salvation from the wrong source, brother. No matter what the Yelp crazies say, it is still just a sandwich, and we prefer to enjoy ours at odd hours when we have to wait a mere thirty minutes. To the neighbors, especially to those who are simultaneously preventing Starbelly from opening its back patio, we say you need to move out of the city. Now. [NYT]

• The Times also touches today on the brewing battle over street food regulation in our fair city, as the craze reaches new heights across parks and sidewalks. They quote mayoral hopeful, Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who sounds ever so diplomatic. “We need to figure out the common ground between wanting to have food and other services available in a fun manner — it certainly adds vitality to an area — and wanting to balance consumer safety and merchants’ concerns.” We predict this battle will be waged over several years and may become a (gasp!) hot-button election issue. [NYT]

NIMBYs Cry Foul Over Crowds at Ike’s; the NYT Tackles SF’s Street Food