New Details Emerge About Local Mission Eatery

Photo: J. Barmann/Grub Street

Coming soon to the Mission, an eatery from former Fish & Farm exec Jake Des Voignes called Local (3111 24th Street), which according to new documents submitted to the city will be “local in every sense.” The 41-seat restaurant will start out with daily sandwich service and serve dinner one or two nights a week, with a four-course prix fixe menu. They’ll expand to two seatings, four nights a week, and all of the meals at Local will follow the recently noted trend of intimate, chef’s table-style dinners in which all the guests will get to interact with the chef during the meal and watch the food being prepped before sitting down to dine.

The space will feature a green design by Atelier K.S., and in addition to being a full-service restaurant Local will offer weeknight classes taught by local chefs (including Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats and Charlie Kleinman of Wexler’s), and offer a subscription library full of cookbooks.

And in another exciting bit of news, the restaurant will work in an “unprecedented” partnership with SOMA wine purveyor Terroir to offer wines at retail prices — something Plumpjack originally did at its eponymous café back in the 90s, but this is a case where we wish more people would follow in Gavin’s footsteps. Given Terroir’s decidedly Euro-centric list, the wine list may be the one aspect of Local which isn’t all that local, unless they limit their offerings to California producers.

The restaurant goes before Planning this Thursday to get its conditional use permit, and wish them the best of luck getting this place open soon.

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Conditional Use Permit Report [SFGOV, scan to illustrated appendices]

New Details Emerge About Local Mission Eatery