Marcus Samuelsson Confirms Harlem Restaurant [Updated]

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

We still haven’t heard back from Marcus Samuelsson’s rep about the question we posed yesterday — i.e., is the mysterious Red Rooster (mentioned in Bravo’s press release about the upcoming season of Top Chef Masters) the name of the restaurant he’s rumored to be opening in Harlem? But here, via the chef’s Twitter, is our answer: “Yes, opening Red Rooster in Harlem later this year.” So the next question is where in Harlem? Stay tuned. And while we’re talking Top Chef Masters, here’s the trailer for season two. Bayless Moonen loses it on Ludo!

Update: A rep tells Fork in the Road that the restaurant, named after an old speakeasy, will serve cuisine “along the lines of the food in his New American Table cookbook— it will represent the diverse fabric of American cuisine.” So, maybe the fried chicken he demoed on the Early Show yesterday? The chef is still looking for a space.

The Masters Are Back [Bravo]

Marcus Samuelsson Confirms Harlem Restaurant [Updated]