Long-Term Plans for Lakeshore East; Obama’s Answer to Asian Carp

• When the Lakeshore East residential development is completed in 2011, it’s planned to contain a full grocery store, a cafe called Eggy’s, and a Three Forks steakhouse restaurant. [S-T]

• The Obama administration has proposed a 25-pronged, $78.5 million plan to keep Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes. [WSJ]

• The two vintage Pullman cars that made up Peoria’s Vonachen’s Old Place restaurant are being moved to the nearby Wheels O’ Time Museum. [Tribune]

• Though Ferran Adrià has decided that El Bulli will be a foundation when it reopens in 2014, it remains to be seen whether that foundation will serve food or not. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Every Day with Rachael Ray has awarded Phoenix’s Pizzeria Bianco as the best pizza in America. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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• The sugar content of foods like bread, cereal, and fruit has risen over the past thirty years and the crackdown on fat may be partially to blame. [Salon]

• Lindsey Vonn has been rubbing topfen, an Austrian cheese, onto her injured leg in an effort to reduce swelling. [Slate]

• It is difficult to practice locavorism year round, especially in the snow belt. [NYT]

• A group of Dutch dairy farmers are suing the man who helped them set up outposts in the United States, charging that he owes them money. [WSJ]

Long-Term Plans for Lakeshore East; Obama’s Answer to Asian Carp