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Local 1205 Asks for Venice Support in Opening

Will Local 1205 transform Abbot Kinney?
Will Local 1205 transform Abbot Kinney? Photo: Patrick Denker via Flickr

“Sadly, Venice doesn’t really have a place like Bay Cities … and hopefully this will be it if their food delivers as they say it will.” Yo! Venice! clearly has high hopes for Craig Weiss, owner of the Otheroom, in opening his organic gourmet café on Abbot-Kinney. Local 1205 promises wood-fired pizzas, an oyster bar, a cheese cave, and practically everything else short of washing our car, but its fate could hang on a crucial zoning hearing next week. Fortunately for Weiss, Local already has a growing grassroots support network.

The Otheroom, with help from the Westside website, is calling for action by placing a petition online in favor of Local’s beer and wine license and completed construction, which has been ongoing since we were making our fall openings predictions. The beachside city seems split, as it often is, between people who feel this new deli will bring too many people to the street, and others hoping a low-priced market would revolutionize high-priced, barely accessible Abbot-Kinney. For our parts, we can’t imagine a place on AK drawing a bigger mass than The Otheroom, save for visits from the Kogi truck, and are dying to see Weiss open shop with six-dollar sandwiches. Whether you want to shred or sign it, you can view the petition online.

Abbot Kinney Online Petition [Yo! Venice!]

Local 1205 Asks for Venice Support in Opening