Larkin’s Team Premieres Mac & Cheeza at Downtown Art Walk

Larkin Mackey is premiering his restaurant Mac & Cheeza tonight during the Downtown Art Walk. Squid Ink first put us on to the possibility of seeing this ace soul food chef and Larkin’s owner cooking the nation’s number-one Southern comfort dish with partner Joshua McBride. Today, BlogDowntown heralds its arrival on 8th Street, west of Spring, announcing a four-hour window to hit this place tonight. The cash-only debut might, in fact, be the only chance to eat at M&C;, as this might just be a take-out/delivery (juke) joint.

Initial Ink reports said it’d be a build-your-own mac n’ cheese spot, in which case we’re calling our’s “cheese and macaroni.” A choice of a three-cheese or goat-cheese base with umami-gasmic add-ons like lobster, fried chicken (yes!), black olives, and bacon was being considered. Also, Mackey’s mother’s recipes would play a part in the desserts. If this already sounds too good to be true, the partners also have plans to promote arts and local non-profits before expanding this chain. First stop? Uh, Bakersfield.

Mac & Cheeza, open tonight, 7-11 p.m. at 223 W. 8th St.

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Larkin’s Team Premieres Mac & Cheeza at Downtown Art Walk