La Descarga Runs Rum in Hollywood

Rum, not the sipping kind, in a Havana home's Yoruba shrine
Rum, not the sipping kind, in a Havana home’s Yoruba shrine Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Oye guajira mi son! A new Cuban lounge has opened in Hollywood called La Descarga. Daily Dish stepped through its guayabera-strewn armoire on opening night to enter this new speakeasy-style club dedicated to sipping rums, much like Tar Pit’s obsession with rum cocktails. The place is definitely for the Cuba-as-a-candy store set that parties at Havana’s Hotel Nacional, with a dress code that asks adults to dress like adults and a candle-lit hallway leading into a back cigar room.

The rum daiquiris, house cocktails, and list of more than 70 fine rums are the responsibility of The Doheny’s Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix of Bacardi USA. Unless you’ve been needing a place to obsess over the famed sugar-cane libation, the best possibility at La Descarga is the appearance of live Afro-Cuban bands, one of which was jamming for a scantily clad dancer at the opening party. Even if rum doesn’t become the next vodka or tequila here, the place already sounds hotter than a Bobby Cannavale-Eva Mendes make-out sesh.

Opening Night at La Descarga: Rum, Rum and More Rum [Daily Dish]

La Descarga Runs Rum in Hollywood