The Other Critics

Kauffman Cries ‘Uncle’ at Oye Managua; Gold Says ‘Meh’ to Café Altana

• Jonathan Kauffman pays a visit to the Mission’s Nicaraguan restaurant sector, happily tucking into a plate of fried pork fat and cabbage slaw at Oye Managua, testing out the “unromantic” but delicious Las Tinajas, and cooing over the soft, “grandmotherly” goodness of the nacatamals at Adelita’s Cakes. [SF Weekly]

• Amanda Gold pinch-hits for Bauer, and pens a two-star review of Altana Café, across the street from Suppenkuche. She says it “needs some fine tuning” but compliments the pork osso bucco and salmon, and calls the ravioli “perfectly acceptable.” [Chron]

• Paul Reidinger suffered mounds of Eastern European fare like bratwurst and dumplings in order to pen his review of Café Prague, but he came out smiling. [SFBG]

Kauffman Cries ‘Uncle’ at Oye Managua; Gold Says ‘Meh’