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Jacob Wirth Owner Looks to Beacon Hill

The original Jacob Wirth
The original Jacob Wirth Photo: grilled cheese/Flickr

The owner of Jacob Wirth is considering a second restaurant on Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill, reports the Boston Real Estate Blog. Owner Kevin Fitzgerald confirms the report, telling Grub Street that he’s meeting with the Beacon Hill Civic Association soon.

Fitzgerald is still not sure whether the new restaurant will be a carbon copy of Jacob Wirth or not. “The menu will be virtually identical to Jacob Wirth. I’m inclined to make it a second Jacob Wirth, but I also want to maintain the singularity of the original, so I’m undecided.” If all goes well with the permitting and construction process, the new restaurant could be open in as little as six to nine months.

Former Beacon Hill ERA Real Estate Office - Looking to become a Jacob Wirth Restaurant
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Jacob Wirth Owner Looks to Beacon Hill