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Is the New Scripps Cooking Channel Anti-American?

Okay, clearly an irresponsible and inflammatory title, but hear us out. Back in October, Scripps announced that it would add another food network, the Cooking Channel, to its roster. Now a press release sends details, and guess what? If you haven’t had your fill of Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, and Emeril Legasse, boy are you in for a treat! They’ve all got new shows! If you don’t recognize anyone in the rest of the lineup, it’s because (per our perplexed Googling) David Rocco, Chuck Hughes, Laura Calder, and Roger Mooking are all based in Canada, while Rachel Allen and Ching-He Huang come out of the U.K. What the wha? Combine this with the fact that a Canuck is hosting the new Food Network program The Opener and you have to wonder why Scripps is outsourcing its talent. Did they run out of American chefs to put on TV? Anyway, here’s the lineup. Try to get excited!

Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day (WT)
Rachael Ray shows viewers how to plan a week’s worth of meals with just one day of cooking in the kitchen.

Bobby Flay’s Brunch (WT)
Bobby Flay dishes out recipes and entertaining tips for his favorite meal - brunch! This show will have a Bloody Mary in one hand and a spatula in the other.

Emeril’s Fresh Food Fast (WT)
Emeril Lagasse shows viewers how fresh food can be prepared fast, without sacrificing taste and time.

Chuck’s Day Off
Chuck Hughes’ days are spent juggling the rock ‘n roll reality of running a restaurant and he still cooks on his days off! Viewers will see the real life of a chef as he cooks for his friends, family and staff.

Chinese Food Made Easy
Glamorous, young, food entrepreneur Ching-He Huang shatters the myth that Chinese food is complicated. Ching shares easy, fresh recipes that are central to her Chinese heritage, but that any home cook can prepare.

Everyday Exotic
Chef and award-winning musician Roger Mooking explores exotic ingredients and incorporates them into everyday cooking. In each episode Roger focuses on one distinctive seasoning or ingredient and reveals its provocative flavors.

David Rocco’s Dolce Vita
David Rocco immerses himself in the charm and beauty of Tuscan life as he visits local markets and prepares authentic, easy-to-learn classic Italian dishes. Inspired by the peasant cuisine at the heart of Italian cooking, David makes dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients home chefs will love.

French Food At Home
French Food At Home, hosted by noted cookbook author Laura Calder, celebrates everyday French food as one of the great culinary touchstones of our time. This series invites viewers to share in the magic French lifestyle around food.

Rachel Allen: Bake
Rachel Allen takes viewers step-by-step through a delicious range of sumptuous and mouth-watering baked treats. Allen brings baking into the twenty-first century, leading viewers on a tour of the decadent world of modern baking.

The Times has more on the network, which launches May 31.

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Is the New Scripps Cooking Channel Anti-American?