Is Sang Yoon Opening Lukshon or Just Thinking Out Loud?

It sounds like everyone but Sang Yoon is pretty sure he’s opening a noodle house called Lukshon a few doors down from his Father’s Office spin-off in Culver City. Food & Wine broke the news that craft beer and random Southeast Asian eats will be the focus of the new project. Yoon, a dumpling-fanatic who detailed to us his national pursuit for the perfect burger that lead to his own famous approximation, will reportedly tour the area over the next few months to firm up the concept. Sang tells The L.A. Times, however, that the idea is in its infancy and “was just a conversation I had, and I guess someone wrote about it.” None of which has stopped anyone from projecting what Yoon will feed the inevitable hordes. So what’s Sang possiblymaybe cooking at Lukshon?

He’ll have plenty of time and cause to change his mind once bombarded by the regional eats on his tour, but for now F&W; reports that noodles and rice dishes alongside “chile crab” made with Dungeness and, invoking the current rage for offal, “hot-and-sour sweetbreads” and the deviant-sounding “B-rings (Asian long beans tied in a circle, covered in tempura batter and fried.” Of course, Yoon’s famous taste for awesome beer that spawned many a local gastro-pub would share the stage. Eater also thinks raw fish and Japanese ingredients can be expected, though the focus will be more on “Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cooking.”

While the star attractions of noodles, rice dishes, and Asian eats that-know-no-borders sound like a natural competitor for Kogi’s planned “rice-bowl” restaurant, we’re much more curious which condiments Yoon plans to deny us this time. Either way, expect another crushed and crushing crowd if and when this dude debuts Lukshon.

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Is Sang Yoon Opening Lukshon or Just Thinking Out Loud?