How to Tick-Off Sushi Purists

Kabuki's salsa-slathered Baja roll
Kabuki’s salsa-slathered Baja roll Photo: Kabuki

Chef Masa Kurihara is bringing a collection of his more eccentric sushi rolls from Kabuki in Vegas to L.A.’s eight outposts on a new “Must-Try” menu of eight dishes under ten dollars. While we don’t think the salsa-topped spicy crab “Baja roll” or tempura avocado, cream cheese, and salmon-filled “Vegas roll” will make Gold’s list of “try before you die” eats tomorrow, we are more half-disturbed and half-curious by the concept of Kurihara’s “lasagna roll.” Three cheeses–parmesan, mozzarella, and cream cheese—sit on top of an ordinary California roll of avocado and “Krab”. If you’ve ever wondered whether sushi gods exist, throwing Italian cheese on an already blasphemous California roll with imitation-crab should be the sin that finally reveals their rage. Stay tuned and see photographic evidence of the lasagna roll below.

Ta-da! Here’s Kabuki’s lasagna roll.

Parmesan, mozzarella, and cream cheese on a California roll
How to Tick-Off Sushi Purists