Has Jean-Georges Created the Ultimate Grilled-Cheese Sandwich?

Photo: Courtesy of Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Jean-Georges Vongerichten still doesn’t have an opening date for his project at the Mark Hotel, but on his blog today he offers a glimpse inside the space and promises “comforting, everyday food” that will “reinvent and perfect the rustic, classic dishes from my childhood in France.” Case in point, his “Croque M.”

It’s a cross between a croque monsieur and croque madame. The secret to my decadent version? I make a Mornay sauce with gruyere and comte, then spread it on slices of fresh pain de mie. I do a triple-decker version with Flying Pig Farm ham, comte, and gruyere, then broil it with a quail egg on top. Delicious. I’ve made a buckwheat fettuccine (as tasty as Matsugen’s soba, but completely different in this treatment), and top it with clams, mussels, sweet shrimp, crab, and uni. With a little chile, the nuttiness of the buckwheat really comes out.

The Mark Restaurant: Coming Soon [Jean-Georges]

Has Jean-Georges Created the Ultimate Grilled-Cheese Sandwich?