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Gordon Wilcox Plans a Busy Year of Openings

Poe's duck tacos
Poe’s duck tacos Photo: Regan Communications

Gordon Wilcox may already own eight Boston bars and restaurants, including super-successful spots like the Parish Cafe and Bukowski’s Tavern, but he’s not content to rest on his laurels. Wilcox tells us that he plans to open at least three new restaurants this year.

In addition to Persia, the Brian Poe-helmed South End Mediterranean spot that the Herald reported on last week, Wilcox plans to open a second branch of Poe’s Kitchen “somewhere in Boston,” as well as Hank’s, a Bukowski’s-esque beer bar in Harvard Square. The latter will be “down home and relaxed with lots of different beers and entrees in the $10 range.” Though entrees at Persia will run more along the lines of $18-34, Wilcox thinks there’s more room for growth at a lower price point: “Everyone wants the $18-34 price point, but people are missing the point. You want to be able to go out to eat. Hank’s is targeted toward industry people who want a beer and a tuna sandwich.”

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Gordon Wilcox Plans a Busy Year of Openings