Get a Ride Home in Your Car; A Baby Girl for Padma

• New start-up Boston’s Designated Driver will drive drunk customers home — in the customers’ own cars. [Herald]

• Padma Lakshmi’s baby is a girl, say sources close to the Top Chef host. [NYP]

• Madonna recently invested $1.5 million in Vita Coco coconut water. [NYP]

• The consolidation of candy companies threatens regional candies. [WSJ]

• As sales continue to drop at Burger King, some are criticizing the chain for spending too much money marketing to 18 to 34 year old “super fans.” [WSJ]

• Both interest in culinary school and potential applications of such a degree are on the rise. [NYP]

• How to explain the place of ramen in Japanese culture? “Well, combine New Yorkers’ love of pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers, throw in some Southern barbecue mania, and you’ve still only begun to approximate Tokyo’s obsession with ramen.” [NYT]

• Japan’s three biggest beef bowl chains are locked in an out-and-out price war. [NYT]

Get a Ride Home in Your Car; A Baby Girl for Padma