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UPDATED: Following Vegan Outcry, Weird Fish Brings Back Buffalo Girls

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Some recent changes to the menu at Mission seafood joint Weird Fish left neighborhood vegans without several of their favorite deep-fried restaurant treats, including the seitan fish and chips and Buffalo Girls — fried seitan doused in buffalo sauce and vegan ranch dressing. It appears that newly installed chef Alex Jackson and owner Timothy Holt may not be quite the fans of the seitan that the previous chef and former co-owner were; Holt responded to some flack from readers of Vegansaurus by saying “the vegan options we had were horrible” but saying that they maintained a 25% vegan menu despite insisting that they are “NOT a vegan restaurant.”

The protest by the restaurant’s vegan following must have worked, and Uptown Almanac now reports that the Buffalo Girls have returned to the menu (alongside our favorite fried pickles). But Holt couldn’t cave without posting a note on the Weird Fish blog that essentially says, “Stop hijacking my fish restaurant, vegans.” For vegan tacos and such he points them to the newly opened Gracias Madre nearby, and says that fans of his restaurant should look forward to new “weirder” produce to appear on the menu from his other venture, Roshambo Farms.

UPDATE: SFoodie reports that the menu changes in question were posted online before being implemented, and that the Buffalo Girls are, in fact, on their way out. In their place, to placate the vegans, some un-chorizo tacos.

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UPDATED: Following Vegan Outcry, Weird Fish Brings Back Buffalo Girls