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Exclusive: Tom Colicchio’s New Cookbook Covers ‘Everything He Believes’

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Considering how well Tom Colicchio’s heartfelt return to the kitchen has gone over after all his years spent in the godless wilds of celebrity chefdom, a cookbook filled with eloquently expressed passion about being back behind the stove was inevitable. Colicchio signed on with Artisan Books (leaving publishers Clarkson Potter, with whom he produced the ’Wichcraft cookbook) to write an as-yet untitled volume slated to publish in fall 2011.

The sure-to-be-epic cookbook will feature “Chef Colicchio writing everything he believes is important about food, ingredients, recipes, and cooking at home,” Artisan told us, and it’ll be pure Tom: There’s no direct branding tie to Craft, Top Chef, his Tom Tuesday Dinner series, or Colicchio & Sons. When we mused that the scope sounded awfully similar to his first cookbook, 2000’s Think Like a Chef, they clarified that, without a doubt, “it’s going to be very different from anything he’s ever done.”

Exclusive: Tom Colicchio’s New Cookbook Covers ‘Everything He