Debbie Lee Previews New L.A. Restaurant at BreadBar

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Debbie Lee is bringing her Korean-Southern hybrid dishes to 3rd Street’s BreadBar, in addition to more puns riffing on the word “Seoul.” Over six weeks, the The Next Food Network Star finalist will debut recipes for a new restaurant venture she’s starting in L.A. Brace for it, the menu is called “Seoultown Tapas” and involves Korean pub food with condiments from the confederate like maple smoked bacon and chestnut glaze, as well as innovative izakaya ingredients like edamame hummus and Japanese popcorn. Lee’s new eats will be available at BreadBar Tuesdays through Saturdays, 6:30-10:30 P.M., from February 24th-April 10th. Reservations can be made at 310-205-0124 and a tentative menu is below.

Debbie Lee’s Seoulful Tapas Menu


Robata-Style Skewer; Kimchee Citrus Pork, Roasted Fuji Apples
Korean Rice Cylinders, Maple Smoked Bacon, Jalapeno Ponzu
Chips and Dip, Curry Edamame Hummus, Wonton Crostini
Kimchee Mahdhee, Warm Rice, Housemade Kimchee, Toasted Sesame Oil


Sashimi Ssam Style, Seafood Trio, Ginger Rice, Gochujang Drizzle, Spicy Pickled Cucumber, Roasted Nori, Tobiko Caviar, Romaine Lettuce
Sesame Flatbread, Soy Braised Pork, Korean Perilla Pesto, Chile Tomatoes
Kimchee Ramen, Egg Drop, Spicy Fish Broth, Japanese Popcorn


Slow Cooked Cod, Chile Scallion Sauce, Roasted Daikon, Mountain Rice
Pork and Potato Stew, Charred Korean Peppers, Spicy Mustard Greens
Spicy Chilled Buckwheat Noodles, Poached Octopus, Scallions, Winter Pickled Vegetables


Butterscotch Cream Puffs, Chile Chocolate Mousse, Almond Anglaise
Sesame Doughnuts, Chestnut Glaze
Cookies and Tea, Bacon Shortbread, Pine Nut Pralines, Sesame Tuiles, Magnolia Pear Tea

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Debbie Lee Previews New L.A. Restaurant at BreadBar