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Cutty’s Is ‘Really, Really Good"; Fil-A-Buster’s Hangover Cure

• At Cutty’s, the sandwiches are really, really good. (As are the perfectly seasoned homemade potato chips.) The standout is the Saturday-only roast pork sandwich with either pickled fennel and roasted garlic or with broccoli rabe and provolone. Terrific sesame roll, too. Must-try.” [Chowhound]

• The burger at Fil-a-Buster will cure your hangover right quick. [Yelp]

• The case for Sweet Water Cafe: “Great sandwiches, the overstuffed “almost cubano” is absolutely delicious and very satisfying–I had to order it again when we went back, despite wanting to try something else . The hot baked lobster rolls was a little overly complicated but still tasty. Nachos were overflowing with toppings and had a nice hot red peppers in the place of your standard jalapenos. They other thing we were very into is the $1 oysters, available all the time, on their bar bites menu.” [Chowhound]

Antico Forno offers delicious arancini. [Yelp]

• The Oak Room is a good place to go when you want to get drunk after a visit to the library. [Chowhound]

Cutty’s Is ‘Really, Really Good"; Fil-A-Buster’s Hangover Cure