Club Junkets Curtailed for Jersey Shore Cast; Narcotics-Stuffed Melon Seized

• MTV is desperately trying to rein in the Jersey Shore cast’s club and bar appearances, but to little avail. [NYP]

• After nearly five years of being closed, the owners of Pine Mountain Inn are suing the county of Ventura to get their restaurant back via changes in zoning codes or financial restitution. [Ventura County Star]

• A melon full of narcotics was seized by guards at Washington’s Chelan County Regional Justice Center. [MSNBC]

• Wal-Mart may launch a line of private label spices, which could be a big problem for McCormick. [WSJ]

• Several states, including Washington, Mississippi, and Vermont, are considering leaving the state-controlled liquor business to allow private retailers to sell alcohol instead. [MSNBC]

• A recent study shows that people in the U.S. are drinking booze more at home than in bars or restaurants. [Join Together]

Health’s December issue recycled recipes from Real Simple. [NYT]

• Consumers are responding favorably to ads touting the health food benefits of fast food chains. [NRN]

• The Chinese government is searching for 100 tons of tainted milk powder that’s already on the market. [WSJ]

• The FDA may change standard serving sizes to more accurately reflect how much Americans eat. [NYT]

• In an effort to combat the Northeast’s crumbling dairy industry, some dairy farmers are banding together in co-ops. [NYT]

• Houston has recently developed a world-class food scene. [NYT]

• New Albany, Mississippi, William Faulker’s hometown, is about to legalize the sale of beer for the first time in over fifty years. [NYT]

• The USDA will tighten requirements on companies that provide meat for school lunches. [USA Today]

Club Junkets Curtailed for Jersey Shore Cast; Narcotics-Stuffed Melon