Look Who's Popping Up

Chaya Venice Pops Up, Remodels, and Reworks Menu

Chaya bento box
Chaya bento box Photo: Jenster181 via Flickr

Chaya Venice is going to have its own five-day pop-up in March, confirming that the budding business of temporary restaurants has landed on the radar of food syndicates citywide. The restaurant is celebrating its 20-year survival as a yuppie safe-haven for sake, sucking face, and so-so sushi, and will close at the end of next month for a redesign of space and cuisine. Wonder if that means its sea creature sculptures are for sale? Dibs on the rice-paper octopus!

While shuttered, Main Street Santa Monica cougars can find their kicks at “Chaya Go,” a pop-up bar and lounge at the closed location. There will be sushi, wine, and beer, then on April 1st the restaurant’s new look and menus will be unveiled. While we hope the cuisine redesign can bring Chaya Venice’s food up to the same level its sisters can attain, the restaurant will reward fans on Facebook or Twitter with deals for playing a “20 Things You Love about Chaya” contest. Pop-ups? Essays? Twitter? Will 20 more years of Chaya Venice feel more like 20 years of hard labor? Stay tuned.

Chaya Go, open March 27th-April 1st. Begins at 5 P.M. daily. 110 Navy St

Chaya Venice Pops Up, Remodels, and Reworks Menu