Chang on Má Pêche: ‘Hopefully, We’ll Let Everyone Down’

Enfant terrible?
Enfant terrible? Photo: @RoOnDemand

Steve Cuozzo tries to unravel a bit of the mystery of what the heck is going on with Má Pêche? Has it fully opened yet? No, not really. They’re serving food on the mezzanine, but the 80-seat dining room, designed by Thomas Schlesser of DBGB, won’t be ready until “maybe late winter.” Is the current menu going to be anything like the final one? No, not really. “We will not have hamburgers at Má Pêche,” David Chang decrees. (He also might want to consider ditching the squid salad, which Cuozzo says “was not unlike what you can get on a good day at China Grill.”) Given that the place is pretty empty right now (“the fact that we still do business there is amazing to me,” Chang says of the awkward mezzanine seating), will it be able to bring crowds? Who knows! “Hopefully, we’ll let everyone down,” Chang says.

Momofuku lite? Not quite [NYP]

Chang on Má Pêche: ‘Hopefully, We’ll Let Everyone