Conflicted Carnivores

Chang, Batali Confront Carnivorism While Bourdain Rematches Safran Foer

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Using Back Forty manager Michael Fuquay as an example, SmartMoney looks at a new wave of foodies who are slaughtering animals themselves, just to see what it’s like: “Over the course of an afternoon, Fuquay killed, plucked and butchered his very own fryer chicken. His conclusion: ‘It’s okay!’” Of course, not everyone feels the same way after their “Hands-On, Heads Off” experiences. Some end up eating less meat. Meanwhile, over at Feast, David Chang admits that “there’s a reason we don’t have suckling pig on the menu — I think it’s unnecessary. If you can’t kill something, don’t put it on the menu.”

Kate Krader says that Mario Batali “has decided that you know, for health reasons, for environmental reasons and everything, that vegetables should be the main drag for your main courses. Like you should look at the garden and you should really move proteins to the side of the plate.” Is a movement afoot among formerly meat-happy chefs? Yes and no — after all, Chang is seated next to Ken Friedman, owner of a restaurant that recently started suckling-pig dinners. No doubt all of this will be further explored when Anthony Bourdain has a rematch against Jonathan Safran Foer (oh yes!) on his “Turn and Burn” show March 4.

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Chang, Batali Confront Carnivorism While Bourdain Rematches Safran Foer