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Celebrity Chef Cribs: Boulud Selling Condo? Bouley Facing Foreclosure?

Daniel's den.
Daniel’s den. Photo: Real Deal

A 2,500-square-foot Upper East Side apartment that’s most likely Daniel Boulud’s (it’s above his eponymous restaurant and has a telltale “zebra-print couch”) is on the market for $6.5 million. The Real Deal wonders whether Boulud is leaving because his kitchen isn’t big enough and his condo board wouldn’t let him expand. But perhaps with Boulud becoming more of a brand, it’s no longer so important that he lives directly above his flagship? Anyway, the accompanying interior shots are the most fun we’ve had since Elaine Kaufman showed off her Upper East Side lair.

Meanwhile, David Bouley’s landlord woes continue to mount. You’ll recall the master chef was sued by his landlord at 111 West Broadway for allegedly failing to pay rent there when he moved his planned restaurant BrushStroke to a new address. Well, now the Post reports that he’s in trouble for allegedly not paying the mortgage on his condo (in the building that houses his eponymous flagship) since February of 2009 (Bank of America started the foreclosure process in December). Though a court document and a state spokesman say Bouley owes $105,004 on a federal tax lien and roughly $18,000 in taxes, Bouley’s controller says it’s all the result of a landlord dispute and that he’s in the process of repaying his debts.

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Celebrity Chef Cribs: Boulud Selling Condo? Bouley Facing Foreclosure?