Ragin' Cajuns

Cajun Cooking Hits Dominick’s and Little Dom’s

Little Dom's
Little Dom’s

With the Saint’s winning the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras looming around the corner, it’s a good time for the country to go Cajun. Of course, Dominick’s chef Brandon Boudet has little alternative, coming from New Orleans himself. The chef is celebrating his city’s moment in the spotlight by rolling out his own menu of Cajun dishes this Saturday, to be served only for four days leading up to Fat Tuesday, at both Dominick’s and Little Dom’s. The ten dish deep selection goes beyond French Quarter tourist eats, with a suckling-pig-in-milk (slow-cooked cochon de lait) Po’ Boy, crayfish pie, and mini king cakes, all kept at $8 or below. What else is this New Orleans’ native planning to serve? Take a look at the menu below.

Dominick’s and Little Dom’s
Cajun Menu
Served February 13th-16th

Gumbo, $5
Muffaletta Sandwich, $8
Cochon de Lait Po Boy, $7
Red Beans & Rice, $5
Jambalaya, $6
Crayfish Pie, $5
Eggplant Pirogue with Shrimp Sauce, $8
Beignets, $4
Bread Pudding, $5
Mini King Cakes, $4

Cajun Cooking Hits Dominick’s and Little Dom’s