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Bryanboy Compliments His Waiter at Balthazar via Twitter; Katie Holmes Brings Suri to Magnolia Bakery

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment

Between all the wild movements of Fashion Week — pushing past Anna Wintour for a front-row seat, asking Christian Siriano if your outfit is fierce, and so on — all those boldfaced names need a place to sit down, relax, and, well, eat. And sometimes it’s not the pomp or majesty of the fashion shows that creates those magical little moments; sometimes those moments happen in the downtime, like, say, at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Celebrated fashion blogger Bryanboy, for example, took to Balthazar at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning and complimented his “super friendly and lovely waiter” via Twitter. After the waiter noticed the blogger’s kind message and tweeted back, Bryanboy showered him with even more praise. On the celebrity side of things, the love was flowing, too, perhaps in early anticipation of Valentine’s Day: Katie Holmes and her adorable child Suri shared a midday treat from Magnolia Bakery, while Paris Hilton dashed out of Serafina with some highbrow takeout for her boyfriend in tow. Below, this wondrous week in celebrity dining.

Balthazar: Fashion blogger Bryanboy and his waiter exchange a series of adorable tweets.

Bar Breton: Two politically minded fiancé-fiancée pairs double-dated at this swanky French flatiron joint: first daughter Chelsea Clinton with Marc Mezvinsky, and Brooklyn/Queens Representative Anthony Weiner with Huma Abedin. [NYP]

Da Silvano: Funny people Howard Stern and Sandra Bernhard traded zingers over dinner. [NYP]

Le Perigord: Pesky patrons grill Mario Cuomo on when his son Andrew will announce his gubernatorial candidacy. [NYP]

Magnolia Bakery: Katie Holmes and daughter Suri sneakily departed the Bowery Hotel and emerged — via some sort of subterranean tunnel known only to Sex and the City characters and Scientologists, we assume — at Magnolia Bakery to have a cupcake. [Cityfile/Zimbio]

Maximo Pino Café: Fox News anchor Shepard Smith sampled some free gelato and fled, perhaps, as the ever-observant Post supposes, “because CNN was playing on the eatery’s TV.” [NYP]

: Kanye has committed some notable faux pas in certain other venues, but don’t count this week’s early departure from the haute Chinese resto among them: He didn’t wait the requisite 45 minutes for his Peking duck, but he did foot the bill for it, adding on a generous tip. [Grub Street]

Serafina: Sporting a silver minidress (is there any other type of dress that she wears?), Paris Hilton managed to flee the paparazzi outside the midtown west joint while dutifully carrying a doggie bag to her boyfriend. [NYP]

Swifty’s: Peter Bacanovic, former stock broker of the felonious Martha Stewart, dined with Yanna Avis (whom the Post says is a cabaret-singing widow) at the septuagenarian favorite. [NYP]

Bryanboy Compliments His Waiter at Balthazar via Twitter; Katie Holmes Brings